A lot has happened since Cigar Guymade his tremendous internet debut by photobombing Tiger Woods. The hunt is on for the mysterious Groucho-like man's real identity, and while we don't know who he is yet, we've got some new clues!

First, Cigar Guy's apparent turban is actually a red ponytail wig, as you can see in a new photo taken from a different angle. Some have suggested Cigar Guy's wig is meant to honor Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez, while others believe Cigar Guy is a Photoshop hoax, or even Borat comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. The existence of multiple photos of the man from different angles seems to disprove the hoax hypothesis, but Cigar Guy could still be a prank.

Like all great internet stars, Cigar Guy has also been added to Wikipedia. He's in a subsection of the 2010 Ryder Cup Photo article (for now). Maybe when his true identity is uncovered, the article about the photo will be demoted to a subsection of Cigar Guy.

After the jump, we've got links to the latest on Cigar Guy, from theories about his identity to a guide on dressing like him. Seriously ... it's more Cigar Guy than you ever thought possible.

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