"I'm not trying to make excuses" former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez said to GMA's George Stephanpoulos this morning, before launching into a slew of them. Pretty typical, but he has a lot of other issues on his mind.

Sanchez started with his excuses for why he made his anti-Semitic comments about Jon Stewart, including his 14 hour work days and his desire to make it to his daughter's softball game to which he may or may not have been late. He also referred to himself in the third person and talked about what a "class act" Jon Stewart is while at the time expressing some hurt feelings over certain Daily Show segments that made fun of him. He side-stepped his claims that media is run by the Jews, but did talk about the lack of Latinos on cable news, and noted that, because it's a magazine show, 20/20's Elizabeth Vargas doesn't count. Oh, and he talked up his book a little bit.

[There was a video here]