Last night's episode of Community featured a number of great things: Patton Oswalt playing the role of Jeff's Doctor, a budding rivalry between John Oliver's character and Senor Chang, and Britt and Annie spill oil and fight in it.

First off, here's Patton Oswalt's short-but-sweet cameo.

There's a vacancy for an Anthropology teacher after Prof. June Bauer (played by Betty White) has been asked to take a leave of absence. Professor Ian Duncan (played by the Daily Show's John Oliver) begrudgingly steps in to her place. There's one problem: Sr. Chang is a student in the class—and Prof. Duncan has a 25-foot restraining order against him. Watch it go down below:


I am so excited for these two to become enemies. I hope they keep John Oliver around for the season, as the two play very well off of each other. Later, Annie and Britta try to raise some money... and end up covered in oil:

Then, they fight:


But of course, they realize that MEN are the reason they were fighting and make up. Happy endings for all! P.S. Where was Abed this week?