One should not take love advice from one's psychiatrist. Dating is not conducive to mental health! Now we learn of a woman whose psychiatrist set her up with dudes to get some creepy vicarious kicks of his own.

Former Ford Model and actress, 57-year-old Finele Carpenter says that in the process of treating her for sexual abuse her psychiatrist, Allen Collins, set her up with his friends then demanded that she tell him all the sexy details. In one case, he gave her number to a married man.

From the New York Post

After she and the man — who was one of Collins' patients — had sex, the doctor made clear he knew all about it, her filings say.

Collins "told me I should never ask a man if he [was] on Viagra, which I had done" and told her the man wouldn't be calling her again because his wife smelled perfume on him when he returned home, her filings say.

Carpenter said this was "sexual voyeurism," but Collins claimed he was simply arranging "positive social encounters" for her. Considerate! But a court disagreed: Carpenter sued and was awarded $650,000. That should almost be able to cover the massive amounts of therapy she'll need to deal with this.

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