You've probably heard the horrifying story of the man and two teens who were tortured by Bronx gang members for being gay. Now, members of the Latin King Goonies are rolling over on the gang's leaders to clear themselves.

A 17-year-old recruit, who gang members found out was gay, was tricked into bringing his boyfriend to a house the Latin King Goonies had set up as a torture chamber. From the Daily News:

Police sources said several members of the Latin King Goonies told detectives they would have been slashed and beaten if they did not help torment the defenseless victims.

The threats were allegedly made by ringleader Ildefonso (Cheto) Mendez, who orchestrated the homophobic assaults after learning that a 17-year-old gang recruit was gay. That recruit was made to watch as they sodomized his older boyfriend with a miniature baseball bat - and the teen was then forced to burn his lover with cigarettes.

The gangbangers sodomized the third victim, also 17, with the wooden handle of a toilet plunger.

Eight suspects are in police custody, and one remains on the loose. Hopefully these assholes will go to prison for a long, long time.

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