North Korea's next leader, Kim Jong-un, appeared on live television today with his dad, Kim Jong-il at a lavish military parade in Pyongyang that observers say is the largest ever there. Tanks! Missiles! Dancers! Dictators! Sounds like a great party.

The scene, according to the Guardian:

There were cheers and some tears from North Koreans attending the parade. "Kim Jong-il! Protect him to the death!" "Kim Jong-il, let's unite to support him!" they chanted as the 68-year-old leader walked the length of the platform, appearing to limp slightly.

The parade was said to be the nation's largest ever, an impressive display of unity and military might for a country known for its elaborately staged performances.

Watch the parade in all its totalitarian glory:

The masses were brought to tears (of joy, of course) by the sight of Kim Jong-un and daddy.

[Images via AP]