Are you in the mood for "an urban ‘Entourage' meets ‘The Hangover' dramedy"? Me neither! So slam your head against the wall and enjoy this grating "sizzle" reel for "Mouthpiece."

[There was a video here]

I have watched this video three times, and still cannot make heads or tails of who the characters are, what's going on in their lives, or why we should care. Not good, considering that this video is what they're probably using to pitch the show to TV networks. It mostly just seems to be clips of people saying random "cool" phrases strung together in an incoherent fashion. "Ever been balls deep?" one character asks another. Then some other characters mention balls too. Balls, balls, balls. I guess this is because the show is supposed to appeal to guys?

Whole lotta slapping seems to be going on in this show too. Guys get slapped as often as characters in Lost got punched/shot/knocked out. And then someone goes "dayum!" The show practically writes itself!

I understand that in Hollywood it's a lot easier to sell a show concept if it latches on to an already popular trend, but really, come on. The problem with these "me-too" shows is the results are usually pretty gutless, lacking any depth or genuine appeal. Hey look, I can do it too! Vampires are pretty popular now, right? And, Sopranos was a big show. What if we do a show about mobster vampires! We could call it Vampire Mob! Oh wait, someone is already doing that! Of course. Hurr durr.

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