A "wild-eyed" movie theater usher named Evan Sachs stabbed an eight-year-old kid on Friday night at a Dave and Buster's in Long Island. According to police, Sachs was carrying a note spelling out his plans "to harm somebody."

Sachs, a 23-year-old working at the UA Theaters in Farmingdale, approached the victim while he was playing video games and stabbed him five times with a hunting knife. The boy told his mother, "somebody put their hand on my shoulder and was tapping my back" and then fainted "in a pool of blood." (The kid's injuries were, luckily, non life-threatening, and he'll make a full recovery.)

The boy's father and another witness were able to grab Sachs and hold him until police arrived (apparently he didn't resist). He's pled not guilty to the charges.

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