This is Dexter's first kill since Rita's death, and it needs to be perfect. Unfortunately, it won't be his easiest murder.

First step in finding your inner serial killer, prepping the kill room.


Harry always makes good points, and for some reason Dexter always thinks he's above his Dark Passenger.

If you don't listen to your dead father, mistakes like this happen.

At least Dexter got another go with Boyd Fowler, this time with better results.


The kill goes as planned, but the aftermath is exactly what Dexter doesn't need in his life: trouble.

First problem: he's still depressed. Killing Boyd didn't fill the emptiness left from Rita's murder. In the past, that's made things right for Dexter, but now, he's lo st.

Second problem: Boyd left a little surprise for Dexter in the form of Julia Stiles. Obviously Dexter didn't hurt her, but she saw everything! What does a morally conscious serial killer do when a witness gets in the way?

As if those weren't enough, Quinn is fast becoming a third problem for Dexter.

To recap, Dexter's feeling especially empty, has to deal with an innocent witness, and has a cop investigating him. Guess we know what this season's going to cover. I, for one, am happy to be along for the ride.