Last night, the two bogeymen API has been chasing all season on Rubicon converged. Will Travers was seconds away from solving the puzzle, but our heroes were ultimately powerless to prevent a devastating terrorist attack on US "soil."

First, we'll allow Kale Ingram a moment of exposition for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the history of the Roman Republic. The first time a television program mentions its own name is usually a landmark event:


Meanwhile, the elusive Al Qaeda operative known as Kateb has entered the US under the guise of his former self, a purposeless young schmuck from New Jersey. In this scene, Will interviews Kateb's clueless sister, and the producers of the NYC-based show have a little fun at their neighbor's expense. Indian-esia!


After Kateb gorges himself on junk food and masturbates in a low-rent motel room (thanks, AMC, for the sad depiction of a life devoid of anything but capital-p Purpose), he collects the materials left by allies long in advance, boards a small boat, and putters off to fulfill his explosive destiny in Galveston harbor. Back at API, Will notices that the 2009 travel itineraries of one of Kateb's allies and the assassin who tried to kill him last week are startlingly similar:

Or, to make a long story short, the shit hits the fan. Parting shots of a heartbroken Will illustrate how close his team came to averting the disaster, while a parting shot of API's relieved boss / conspiracy mastermind Truxton Spengler illustrate how close HIS "team" came to NOT making a killing on the new US energy crisis. Cato may have offed himself, but Caesar's still got plenty of friends in high places.