Sean Parker and Dustin Moskovitz have donated a total of $170,000 to support California's Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana. In so doing, the old friends of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have become two of pot legalization's best friends.

The $100,000 donation from Parker, the ex-Facebook president depicted by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network, "is likely to be the high-water mark of our fund-raising from major donors," a spokesman for the Drug Policy Alliance told SF Weekly. "And this is not that much money. This is not enough money for any kind of statewide television ad buy." It's something, though, and a nice brick of cash when combined with a $70,000 donation from Moskovitz, Zuckerberg's Harvard roommate, who gave directly to the Yes on 19 campaign. The total $2.4 million raised in support of the measure will mostly go to get out the vote efforts. Because apparently weed smokers tend to flake on these sort of concentrated, organized efforts, the occasional multi-billion dollar computerized social network notwithstanding. [AP, photos via Getty]