Where did he go? Nobody knows. Also today: a fitting role for Al Pacino, a new enemy for Spider-Man, some bad Fran Drescher news, and an update about everyone's favorite two-namer, Kris Kristofferson.

Break out the fright wig! Al Pacino has signed on to play murderous music producer and adventurous coif-haver Phil Spector in an HBO movie that's being written by none other than David Mamet. So that ought to be fun and swear-filled! Al Pacino really is one of the best there is at swearing. And he's not bad at shooting people either. So this really is a dream project. [THR]

Scruffy Welshman Rhys Ifans has been cast as an as-yet-unnamed villain in the upcoming Spider-Man "reboot", Spider Eggs: The Hatching of Baby Spidey. Who do you think Ifans might play? I'm not too up on my Spider-Man villains. Who is there other than Green Goblin? Or Sandman? Is there one called Rolled-Up Magazineor or something? He's proven to be a formidable foe to the spiders in my house. Or what about The Shrieker, who screams and runs to the other end of the room and then throws shoes from a safe distance? My house spiders do not like that archvillain! Rhys Ifans could definitely do some sort of terrifying shrieking villain. Or I could, if they want. [Variety]

Holy. Shit. Are you guys sitting down? TNT, the cable television network, has ordered a new series. And... it's about police officers. I'll give you a second to process that. TNT is doing a television program about law enforcement. And suddenly the world will never be the same again. Seriously, though, this one does seem at least slightly different from the other three hundred television shows that TNT does about police officers. This is set in LA Confidential-esque 1950s noir LA. Hollywood & Vine was supposed to be on TNT's slate last year, but things (read: other police officer shows) got in the way. It joins a bunch of other period shows in the works, from ABC's Mad Men rip-off about Pan-Am and an AMC pilot about building the Union Pacific Railroad that's titled, incredibly horribly, Hell on Wheels. Guh. [Deadline]

This is... interesting. Screenwriter Tony Gilroy has divulged that the fourth Jason Bourne movie, Bourne Legacy, won't, uh, feature Jason Bourne. Nope! No Matt Damon, no chopsocky, tight-faced hero. Just the whole Treadstone world and all that rot. So... that's mighty disappointing. Maybe Julia Stiles is playing the lead? It's just two hours of her crying in European subway stations. Could be good! Or maybe it's a whole movie of Joan Allen talking on the phone and flicking her eyes back and forth. I would definitely watch that. Bourne 4: Lady Concern. [Hollywood Elsewhere]

Oh. Good. Someone is paying Fran Drescher to say things out loud. [NYMag]

Grizzled old grizzle Kris Kristofferson has signed onto another damn picture. And he ain't too sure what this one is all about. It's about dolphins 'r somethin'. The Miami Dolphins? Aw hell, who cares what these damn pictures are about, long as they're payin' honest scratch. You remember Kris Kristofferson did that picture with the black fella who solved vampire crimes? Knives or whatever that was called? Crazy fuckin' picture that was. Don't know what the hell it was about. This one's, somethin' about dolphins they said. That's all. 'Bout a dolphin's tail? He's playin' the Connick kid's old man. That's basically all there is these days, playin' old dads. 'S'alright, though. Long as it pays the peanuts, y'know? That's just how Kris Kristofferson operates. You don't like it, you can go to you know where. [Variety]