Today at Gawker.TV, watch Mark Zuckerberg refuse to shake Geraldo Rivera's hand, The View ladies agree that Carl Paladino is an ass, Community's hidden storyline, highlights from The Soup, and a look back at Brett Favre's foreshadowing career in acting.

How Brett Favre's Acting Work Foreshadowed His Sex Scandal
By now, we're all familiar with Brett Favre's cellphone seduction. Who could've seen this coming, what with his "aw, shucks" persona and playing like a kid out there? Turns out the evidence was in front of us the whole time.

The Soup Takes on Andy Rooney, The Situation's Awful Dance Moves, and Oprah's Smug Face
Inside, we have highlights from this week's edition of The Soup. Who were the targets? Andy Rooney, the bleach fight on Bad Girls Club, Oprah's interview with JK Rowling, the new Jonas Brothers hit single "Rain" and more!

The Ladies of The View Blast "Evil" Carl Paladino
Carl Paladino is currently "Under fire, child," (as Whoopi Goldberg said) for, well, being a homophobic idiot. On today's episode of The View, the ladies discussed Paladino's reprehensible anti-gay statements, and—in a first, really—they were all in agreement.

Did You Catch Abed's Hidden Storyline in Last Week's Community?
If you didn't notice, Abed delivered a baby. His story was just hidden in the background of other scenes. Once again, proving that Community is one of the sharpest and well-written comedies out there. Video compiled inside.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Snub Geraldo Rivera
What's the difference between Charles Manson, Yasser Arafat and Mark Zuckerberg? There's got to be some kind of hostility there because at a recent press conference, Zuckerberg refused to shake Rivera's hand. Watch it all go down in the following video.