We hear that, despite abominable ratings, The Good Guys has managed to avoid cancellation thanks to its low budget. Perhaps FOX enjoys that it's an excellent platform for scene-stealing guest stars? Also: experimental product placement!

What better way to counteract the rise of DVR commercial-skipping than to start inserting commercials into the plots of seemingly-oblivious TV shows? We showed you a great example of this a few weeks ago from Melissa & Joey, but check THIS out:


Thanks to a tip from one of the "junior officers" [little kids] Jack and Dan were assigned to shepherd this week, the partners stumble upon an identity-theft scam centered around an exasperated government pencil-pusher, played by Wayne Knight. It doesn't take long for the episode to showcase "Newman's" greatest talent as an actor: groveling.

The beneficiaries of these illicitly-created identities are a couple of Mexican gangsters looking to start new lives in the US. Enter: Machete himself, the incomparable Danny Trejo:

As usual, the deal goes down with the sort of action, comedy, and hamminess you'd expect from the assembled cast. Previews for next week's episode reveal that the parade of veteran character actors will continue: Gary Cole [Office Space's Bill Lumbergh] has been cast as Dan Stark's former partner, the equally-mustachioed Frank Savage.