Everybody wants to go to college these days, no matter how worthless college may be. Smooth move, guidance counselors: these kids are dropping out of college and costing the taxpayers billions.

A new study shows that between 2003 and 2008, "States appropriated almost $6.2 billion for four-year colleges and universities...to help pay for the education of students who didn't return for year two." Almost $3 billion more went to state and federal grants for dropouts. And when you factor in the loss of whatever actually productive thing those kids could have been doing when they were instead smoking reefer, drinking party punch, and dancing the mashed potato while failing their classes, the real economic cost of college dropouts could double or even triple, according to one economics professor.

Who's to blame for this staggering waste of capital? You are, encouraging parents. You are, supportive teachers. You are, mentors who assured that weedhead high school senior who just wanted to work at Best Buy and play video games that going to college was a dream that he should pursue. It wasn't. All these kids you pushed into college will just drop out after a year or two, leaving themselves in debt, the taxpayers screwed, and nobody any smarter than they were before this whole worthless exercise. It's enough to make the average college undergrad mutter "It is what it is" in a disrespectful tone, and then rudely add that they don't know what a "tautology" is.

[AP. Pic: Flickr]