The Way We Live Now: fraying around the edges. Yes, there's always one bright, shiny piece of good news to focus on obsessively. But is it bright enough to outshine the creeping black horrors? We shall see.

In good news, crop prices are rising again. In less good news, the Chinese are coming for our food supply, and discount stores are sprouting in even the toniest of neighborhoods, and strikes are crippling travel in France, and Mario Batali's being accused of stiffing his workers, and one CEO made $188 million last year, and there won't be any nationwide foreclosure moratorium, and all of our nation's veterans are homeless.

Oh, but—back to good news—online ad revenue is at an all time high. So all in all, let's call it even. It might not be great for everybody; but it's okay for us. And that's what capitalism is all about.