The Way We Live Now: feelin' the blues. Readin' the news. Payin' our dues. Stealing minor items just to score a few bucks and looking with revulsion at the excesses of the rich. Specifically, Donny Deutsch.

We could give you an in-depth look at how this alleged "recovery" sure does look like a god damn recession from where the average American is sitting, which is on a hard floor. But instead we'd like to direct your attention to the fact that ad man Donny Deutsch just sold his Hamptons mansion for $30 million.

Yep. Donny Deutsch.

When you think about how every single state in the nation is investigating abuses in the foreclosure process on poor people's homes, or how emerging markets are in danger of being economically torn apart in the US-China financial wars, you might think that Donny Deutsch's mansion sale isn't that big of a deal. He only cleared a million in profit, after all.

All profit. No broker involved.

I mean, it's certainly not as important as the incredibly risky fiscal tightrope the Fed is walking now as it decides how to stimulate our flagging economy. And it's not as perfectly unsettling as the Armenian mob stealing tens of millions of dollars with a Medicaid fraud. But still. Here we are. In 2010. Everyone's broke. Except Donny Deutsch. Who just got $30 million. In exchange for his mansion. In the Hamptons.

It's just annoying, is all.