Microsoft is lending a helping hand to journalism student Chelsea Kate Isaacs following her email tiff with Microsoft arch-enemy, Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Microsoft is advancing her education as Isaacs vows to wash her hands of Apple—for life.

Isaacs says she's boycotting Apple after the company's PR department ignored her calls and Jobs told her to "leave us alone" in a heated email exchange over Isaac's attempts to collect information on Apple for a journalism school assignment. Isaacs told CNET reporter Ina Fried, "I wouldn't be comfortable giving [Apple] a dime. If that's the way you treat consumers, that's not right." She added " I hate Apple, but I don't hate Apple," and will be objective in covering the company.

Isaacs spoke from the New York launch of Windows Phone 7. The Long Island University student's travel expenses to the event were paid by Microsoft after she won a contest sponsored by the software company, which issued the award after her spat with Jobs. Nevertheless, added CNET, "the group's adviser told them to be tough and hold Microsoft's feet to the fire while meeting with various company executives and learning about the company's products." Isaacs shouldn't have much trouble with that, even if Microsoft's top executives are a bit more email shy than Steve Jobs.


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