An outfit called the Good Men Project has polled politicians and other experts and pundits looking for "a few good men in politics"—dudes with character, basically. Below, their Top 10 list. (Yes, they found a whole 10!)

The Top 10 Good Men Politicians:

10) Gov. Mitch Daniels
9) Sen. Bernie Sanders
8 ) State Rep. Mark Strama (Texas)
7) Sen. Richard Lugar
6) Rep. Jeff Flake
5) Sen. Al Franken
4) Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao
3) Mayor Cory Booker (Newark)
2) Rep. Paul Ryan
1) Sen. Carl Levin

Read bios and more on the Project's criteria here, and then unleash the debate!

We're glad that senior senators like Carl Levin and Richard Lugar get noticed in a list like this. Senators are always bragging, despite obvious evidence, about how their chamber is for the mature, level-headed grownups who can coolly figure out public policy without all the theatrical distractions of the hot-headed House. At least Levin and Lugar, who have vastly different politics, actually try to live up to their self-applied standard sometimes, rather than just saying crazy shit to score cable news appearances later in the day.

(Update: The list now includes everyone's title, sorry! And yes Al Franken is a senator. A fine senator!)