The censors probably got a real kick out of this one. Certain items of clothing look good on no one, such as bike shorts. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this, especially Cam who ends up revealing way to much.

Mitchell is really supportive of boyfriend when he gets starts up a workout regimen, but there's just one problem in his new routine: Cam's bike shorts. Apparently, dealing with his rather revealing crotch in those shorts isn't something that Mitchell can handle. So taking inspiration from Strangers on a Train, he enlists Claire who also needs his help to convince her husband that he's not really Phil the funnyman.

Much like the classic Hitchcock film, things really don't go according to plan for Claire and Mitchell, leaving one of their spouses a complete wreck.


It's party time for Jay, Gloria and Manny! In an attempt to prove Gloria wrong about his superiority complex, Jay attends a quinceñeara of an employee's daughter. Sadly for him, not only does he get the wrong party, he also gets an impromptu viewing of an "incestuous" kiss.