Bruce Willis' recent streak of interviews promoting his new movie Red have—simply put—been very weird. We're unsure if he's got emotional distress in his life or if he's just pulling a "Joaquin Phoenix." Evidence inside.

Kicking off the Tour de crazy, he wore a "meat hair-piece" on Letterman, but it just seemed like a conversation topic, since he didn't have much to say about anything, not even football.


There were no such meat gimmicks when he appeared on The Daily Show, however, so you could really sense how uncommunicative he's become. It might have been his "coolitude," but there was something ominous in the air.

The folks at Good Morning America really tried to elicit a reaction from him by asking him a funny trivia question, then showing a ridiculous 80s commercial from before he was famous. Zip. Nothing.

It started to get much stranger when he appeared on Ellen and tried to be funny, or something. Where is the enthusiasm?


This week, he also appeared on Zach Galifianakis' Between Two Ferns.

And finally, when he went on Jimmy Kimmel last night (this time accompanied by his co-star Karl Urban), he really languished. He just nodded and spoke softly and muttered something about ripping a wolf's throat out. It was awkward and worrisome.

It's clearly taken his interviewers a lot of forced laughter and play-acting to get through the spots. Does anyone know if there is something wrong with him? Where is the vigorous, virile action star everybody knows and loves? What does this all mean? Feel free to leave your opinions below!