Brace yourselves for a Top Gun 2, Bethenny Frankel says no to more Real Housewives episodes, Terra Nova might be the most expensive show that hasn't even begun filming yet, and Miley Cyrus might play Topanga in a Boy Meets World movie?!

In TV News...

  • Good news for those who won't be attending the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rallies—they'll be streamed live on Comedy Central's website. [The US Daily]
  • This is pretty much the best thing I've read all day: There's a possible Boy Meets World movie happening! And it might just star Miley Cyrus as Topanga. [Hollywood Life]
  • No Jane Lynch this week—what gives? Why Glee has forgotten about it's Emmy nominees. [Movieline]
  • The pilot for Terra Nova (Fox's Sci-Fi show that seems a bit too inspired by Avatar) has already cost the network $10 million dollars without even beginning filming. It had better be good, I guess! [TV Squad]
  • Surprise! SpikeTV has ordered a new series about—you guessed it—miners. [THR]
  • ABC's Romeo and Juliet show they're developing has their eye on Catherine Hardwicke. [Deadline]
  • Don't expect to see Bethenny Frankel on any new episodes of the Real Housewives of New York City. She told Hollywood Life, "I do not want to do any housewife episodes [this season]. Let's just leave it at that." [Hollywood Life]
  • NBC is apparently developing a show that would be a mix of Survivor and The Bachelor. Think about it. Ouch. [Vulture]

Around the Web...

  • An album where each song is based upon an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Sign me up. [Urlesque]
  • The new Spiderman movie has been given it's bad guy—The Lizard. He'll be played by the very-funny Rhys Ifans. [The Wrap]
  • Mike "The Situation"? More like Mike "The Sanitation," am i right!? [YouTube]
  • Remember that rumor that there might be a sequel to Top Gun? Well, it's happening. Get ready for Top Gun 2. [Vulture]
  • Cool! Unpublished drafts by Dr. Seuss have turned up! [Book Tryst]
  • McDonalds made a statement about the nasty photos of an unchanging burger that lasted for months. [Gizmodo]