Or, more precisely, three engagement rings. Like a wayward episode of Better With You, last night's Terriers featured three engagements at three very different stages in progress.

Hank's ex-wife Gretchen is the optimistic sort to invite her ex and his friends to an engagement party celebrating her new fiancee, and it's a typically yuppie affair on someone's gorgeous Californian roof. I've uploaded this clip primarily to have something to point to when certain friends of mine ask me why we don't get invited to very many weddings:


After the party, Hank and Britt's lawyer calls them in to work a case, and it quickly turns into a wild goose chase for a dying woman's family heirloom. In this case, the engagement ring that the woman wants to pass on to her son has been "lost" by her husband... by which we mean the husband has already given it to the mistress he plans to marry once his current wife succumbs to her cancer.

Terriers has established a pattern for Hank and Britt's private investigations — Hank distracts, while Britt burgles — and we've been treated to several examples of their success. Here, though, we see one such plan head south in a hurry, as the boys try to work their magic on the aforementioned mistress:


Finally, once the wild goose is under wraps, an engagement that's about to happen hits a snag. Throughout the episode, we are given glimpses of Britt's girlfriend Katie partying with her veterinary schoolmates, all while Britt has been formulating plans with Hank to buy a ring of his own and propose. Britt's always been the "bad boy" in this relationship, but it turns out that while he's been cleaning up his act, Katie has been driven to misbehave:

It's heartbreaking, really, and both actors devour the scene. Terriers promised to be all about complexity, with convoluted capers penned by the author of the Ocean's 11 remake, but it's the complexity of the characters that's made it compelling television.