Today at Gawker.TV, Modern Family presents its first crotch shot, Tim and Eric invade Jimmy Kimmel Live, Matt Damon does his impression of Matthew McConaughey, and The Situation wants you to know he's more than you see on TV.

The Situation Wants You to Know that He's So Much More Than What You See on TV
"What they see on Jersey Shore is really only a keyhole to who I am," said The Situation. "I'm just a very intelligent young businessman who's playing the part and really trying to work hard to be in this business."

Modern Family Gets a Graphic Crotch Shot, Reenacts Strangers on a Train
The censors probably got a real kick out of this one. Certain items of clothing look good on no one, such as bike shorts. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this, especially Cam who ends up revealing way too much.

Matt Damon Does His Matthew McConaughey Impression
Noted celebrity impressionist Matt Damon briefly appears as Matthew McConaughey on the Late Show. Things get all too real when he offers to send David a picture of his penis via email.

Tim and Eric Give a Wacky Interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live
To promote their upcoming tour, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim appeared on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. They were dressed in bright, matching outfits and showed Jimmy their "morning rituals." Things get weird when they realize they're on live TV.

Finnish News Anchor Caught Drinking On TV
Kimmo Wilska, an English-language anchor in Finland, was fired for drinking on a live television broadcast. Ironically, he was caught while reporting on alcohol violations in bars. Wilska claims it was a prank to entertain his co-workers.