We never could fathom why famously liberal France would go and ban people from wearing burqas. Innate meanness? (Yes). And now French Muslims have something even more frightening to worry about: burqa rage!

This headline-grabbing media-friendly new crime trend was created when 63 year-old Jeanne Ruby, who was out shopping in Paris, "snapped" when she saw a woman, with her children, shopping while wearing a burqa. How dare that bitch? The Telegraph explains:

"For me, wearing the veil is an act of aggression; I felt attacked as a woman," [THE ATTACKER] said.

So she attacked first! It's the Bush Doctrine in action! Ruby reportedly rushed the offending Muslim, tore off her burqa, slapped and scratched her face, and bit her on the hand. Seems reasonable.

In an interview with Le Parisien before the trial, Mrs Ruby explained: "I find it unacceptable that someone should be wearing a niqab in this country of human rights."

When will Muslims stop assaulting the freedom of free people, with their faces?

[Pic: AP]