Last night's episode of Community experimented with product placement by writing an entire script around a sponsor. KFC was that sponsor, which might have been difficult to advertise—had they not created a flight simulator fueled by the Colonel.

The group accidentally gets locked inside of the KFC-fueled flight simulator—which happens to be on it's way to a desolate dessert because of the rival community college's evil plans. Abed was left behind and channels his best Armageddon impression and leads the team through the simulation. Also, Pierce goes goes crazy.

Annie admits that she's behind the whole scheme to steal the flight simulator and when Pierce completely loses it and tears down the Colonel's face, Jeff realizes that someone small can squeeze through and drive the ship back to campus. Annie drives, and they are given a hero's welcome home.


Of course, my personal favorite bit of the episode probably was the tail-end of the show for another edition of "Troy and Abed make zany videos."