The artwork for rapper Kanye West's new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, has been banned! That is, according to Kanye, who Tweeted the cover earlier this evening. Want to see it? There are boobs!

So, this is all just according to Kanye, who is not, uh, necessarily the most reliable source, about anything. But: Here's the album cover (apparently depicting him "chilling on the couch with his Phoenix"? Whatever, Kanye.) that was "banned" by a mysterious "they," presumably due to the nudity. The painted nudity. (Why couldn't anyone ban the album name, which is just awful?)

And here is Kanye's Twitter rant:

I have so many questions! Like: "What is a #kanyeshrug?" And "Was anyone's mind actually blown by that cover?" Plus: Remember when Jane's Addiction wasn't allowed to release Ritual De Lo Habitual with that painting of boobs? And then they released a different cover with just the text of the first amendment? Seriously: Wasn't that bad-ass? Man: Jane's Addiction was really the coolest, weren't they? Kanye should do that.