Since Prohibition has so far not stopped the Boardwalk Empire gang from getting their booze, there should be no problem with throwing a roaring St. Patrick's Day Eve celebration. Unfortunately, the St. Patrick celebration turns into a punching celebration.

The sexual tension between Nucky and Margaret Schroeder has turned into angry tension. Margaret has had enough of Atlantic City's guff so she rats out the booze runners operating out of the garage behind her house. From her tip, the feds stop the flood of festive green beer in to the city. On the other side, Nucky's brother suffers through some sibling inferiority that compels him to make a moving speech at the Order of the Celts celebration.


Way to save the day, Nucky! Stick to your day job, Eli, and by your day job, I mean being a pawn in Nucky's political schemes.

Soon, federal agents raid the celebration to make some arrests. The Order does not take kindly to this.

Man, even then, the I.R.S. were always ruining people's fun!


Later, everyone gets punch happy! Like Eli.

However, that missed punch seems to have awakened something in Nucky. He becomes aware of his feelings and visits Margaret in order to see where those feelings take him.

This probably will not complicate things for either Nucky or Margaret.