With her teen daughter missing, Beverly McClendon filed a missing person's report—only to discover that Jewel Ciera McClendon had been whisked away, by limo and airplane, to discuss her sex addiction on The Tyra Show, without Beverly's consent.

At least, this is how Beverly remembers it, according to the $3 million lawsuit she filed against Warner Brothers and the producers of the now-canceled Tyra Show. Here's what happened when Jewel appeared on the show in 2009—alongside Dr. Drew Pinsky—and she discussed losing her virginity at the age of nine and getting pregnant three times:

[There was a video here]

Beverly McClendon says the producers didn't get her consent before flying Jewel to New York and giving her money and a hotel room to stay in by herself. (Is that a good idea for a child sex addict?) "This show is undoubtedly watched by sexual deviants, perverts, and pedophiles alike," she complains.

No word on what became of Jewel, what she thinks, or whether Tyra followed through on her promise to provide Jewel with medical help—for her sex addiction, or for whatever else afflicts teenagers who run away from home to appear on the Tyra Show. Neither Warner Brothers nor Tyra have commented on the lawsuit as of yet.