It's a sexy moustache party on The Good Guys, as Dan Stark and Frank Savage reunite to once again save Dallas's favorite idiot man-child. The parade of C-list celebrity guests continues: Gary Cole! Rachel Harris! Ethan Suplee!

First, a horrible tease — watch the sweetly tragic ballet of a man saying good-bye to his soup-strainer, set to the dulcet tones of one of history's finest moustachios:


Don't worry, though! Cooler heads prevail, and Dan's partner Jack arrives in the nick of time to save Dan's delicate drapery. But what would cause such a handsome man to consider sacrificing his well-worn whiskers? It seems that Andy, the gubernatorial son that Dan and his retired partner Frank rescued in 1985 has once again been kidnapped, and the perps have framed Dan for the crime.

Instead of a drastic disguise, Dan opts to beg his old partner Frank [Gary Cole] out of retirement to solve the case and clear his name. Here's The Good Guys version of that requisite getting-the-band-back-together scene in which Dan tempts his happily-retired friend with the trophies of their past. Frank's wife is played by the always-awesome Rachel Harris, epitomizing the classic spouse-as-ball-and-chain:

Hijinks ensue, as they always do, and the reunited relics save the day by working in sync with Jack, who's heard so many "Savage & Stark" stories while babysitting Dan that he's able to anticipate their every move. All that's left for us to do is highlight the performance of My Name Is Earl's Ethan Suplee, expertly cast as poor, sweet little Andy:


This series will no doubt be released on DVD one day... but I am not-so-secretly hoping for VHS: "as it was meant to be seen."