Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete, Leah Remini and Marissa Jaret Winokur gathered 'round the table for the first-ever episode of its all-lady talk show that's a lot like The View. So, how did it go?

Nerves! Today was all about nerves! All of the ladies couldn't stop chattering about how nervous they were—not that it really showed. Holly cried, Leah was petrified, and Sarah was nervous—but Sharon and Julie played it cool like old pros.


Leah Remini made it clear on the first day that she's the one to make animated .gifs of, thankyouverymuch. Her faces and movements were laughable—for example, this clip where she explains how she's taught her daughter to call her private area her "cupcake."

How did the show come to be? Apparently, it's Sara Gilbert's brainchild (who also happens to be the show's executive producer.) She's easily the most likeable of the bunch. Below, she explains how the idea came to her. To be fair, it does sound like this show will focus more on parenting than politics, which we know The View loves more than anything.

And no, the ladies didn't know each other before the show. Watch them get to know each other and learn how to host below:


You know how The View always ends with "take a little time to enjoy The View"? This show's tagline of "It's always the right time to have The Talk isn't only a direct rip-off, but when has having "the talk" made anyone anything other than anxious and uncomfortable? "The Talk" implies a big conversation about a relationship or even worse: the time your parents told you the awkward details of sex.

Unless you're a mother with nothing else to do with your afternoons, we suggest you watch anything other than this. It's torture, pure and simple. Disagree? Weigh in below!