New York City's billionaire CEO-for-life, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is looking for ways to save the city some money. And he'd like ideas on how to do that from the people. Let's stuff his suggestion box full of brilliant ideas!

New York City set up a online suggestion box today so that members of the public can submit their very own cost-cutting proposals to City Hall. (Mayor B isn't handing out cash for good ideas—which would have been a good idea in and of itself—although you'll be notified if the city decides to go with something you suggested.)

Okay, we'll start. How about the city stop all public transportation to/from the Upper East Side? Those rich people are all taking Town Cars anyway, so why not just save some cash and have the subways and buses run express between Midtown and Spanish Harlem?

We're sure you all have even better ideas. Take to the comments section below and let us know how you think New York City can save (or raise) money. We won't give you anything, but you might earn a star for something really good.

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