Lee Abrams Was too 'Rock and Roll' for Tribune Co.

Buffoonish human malaprop generator Lee Abrams resigned from his laughably lofty post at Tribune Co. last week in the wake of a poorly-timed email scandal. Now, Lee Abrams is coming to his own defense—via email!

Jeff Bercovici got his hands on what is apparently Lee Abrams' self-justification email to his former colleagues. In it, he defends himself unsuccessfully against a number of common critiques. And, of course, he gets to the root of the issue:

I suspect that a major component of this debacle is being motivated by a power play to seize creative, cultural and business control of the company as it emerges from Chapter 11. Or maybe the idea of a "rock and roll" type from broadcasting invading tradition is so offensive to the fourth estate that my mere presence posed a threat to their grip on the past. I do not know that any of these hypotheses are fact and probably never will.

Yes, Lee, that sounds about right to us. Never stop being you.