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Meet Cecilia Cassini, an 11-year-old fashion maven who has her own clothing line and is set to star in an inevitable reality show. She was on Nate Berkus's little talk program last week and good god. Kids are no more.

Look, I'm sure that Cecilia is a perfectly nice child who does perfectly nice things and leads a perfectly nice life. But her presence on this show was just so terrifyingly trying to be adult — not in the cute-ish way that all kids try, in a "I've studied playback of The Hills for months" way — that even Nate Berkus, not known to be America's keenest observer of, well, anything, had to take a moment at the end of the segment to say "Now, honey, this is all well and good, but please promise to be a kid, huh?" or something like that. If Nate Berkus is telling you to act your age, girl you better act your age.

And it didn't really even stop there. During Cecilia's little fashion show, one of the models was mayybe nine years old, and she was strutting and posing and, worst of all, Valley Girling (it's back!) like someone literally twice her age. So we can all be assured that in, oh, twenty or so years, all the children will be dead, replaced with tiny, horrible adults who design fashions and sunglasses.

Children of Men is basically real! Just in a different way than we originally thought.

[via Tara Ariano]