The real payoff of the House/Cuddy romantic arc began on last night's episode of House: finally, we get to watch Hugh Laurie acting curmudgeonly alongside Cuddy's adopted two-year-old, Rachel.

So much of Lisa Cuddy's story over the past two seasons involved the adoption of this daughter that the tot's absence from the first few episodes of this season almost made the character seem like a criminally negligent parent. The reality, though, is that working with child actors is a pain in the butt, and the addition of adorable children to otherwise-successful TV shows often marks the beginning of the end. Thankfully, a character as crusty as Dr. House is in no danger of overdosing on saccharine cuteness.

In this clip, How I Met Your Mother fans will be happy to learn that Wendy the Waitress has apparently finished med school; unfortunately, she's having a hell of a time finding a job. Dr. Foreman made the mistake of acting giddy earlier in the episode when he realized that his plan to interview prospective team-members in advance of House asking him to hire someone actually worked, and Wendy is the collateral damage:


As you can see, House is stuck babysitting Rachel, but it's only a matter of time before he tries to trick Wilson into covering for him, which results in a game of chicken over which doctor is less of a responsible adult:


So, while House's department spends the rest of the episode dealing with guest patient Jennifer Grey, whose performance is so terrible that she makes the twins playing Rachel look brilliant, House and Wilson try to deduce whether or not Rachel has any spare change bouncing around inside of her... without Cuddy catching on. After several chocolate laxatives fail to produce any currency, they decide that they are in the clear, setting up one last gag before the credits roll: