Klutz has a hilarious and fascinating book called The Klutz Book of Inventions. The book features descriptions of really strange (but mostly awesome) inventions. While these don't exist (yet) each one was built and tested at IDEO's world-renown design firm.

Below are a couple of inventions in the book that were conceived to enhance your TV watching experience.

Chainsaw DVD

While this might be an insane safety hazard, at least you can be watching reruns of Lost as you accidentally saw off your own foot.

Frozen DV Dinners

Finally, a way to integrate TV dinners with an actual TV. Bring this to work and you'll always have the most impressive lunch in the break room.

TV Remote Dumbbell

Providing a healthy incentive to sit at home and channel surf instead of going to the gym.

Hopefully, the book will inspire the engineering community to actually invent these fabulous ideas to make our lives easier- and much more entertaining. Until then check out the book's website to get a sneak peek on the other 197 inventions.