In that it's about theater camp, the greatest setting for a movie possible. Because songs plus sleepaway camp = correct. Also today: Sandra Bullock works on a mysterious new feature, exciting comedy news, and the possible death of another show.

Hm. So The CW is trying to get their own bit of the Glee magic. So this could be good or very, very bad. Judge for yourselves. So the show is from Todd Graff, the guy who wrote Bandslam, a movie, and is called Acting Out and is being described as "Glee meets Bad Santa." So... all Christmas music all the time, but mean? Well, no. It's actually about a washed-up Broadway composer who's forced to teach at a theater camp. So it's basically that subplot of Graff's own Camp, only hopefully without The Children's Crusade. And hopefully, y'know, actually good. Wasn't Camp so disappointing? I mean, compared to the marvelous documentary Stagedoor, which really should have become a reality series, Camp is just so... well, campy. Obviously I will watch every single episode of this series no matter if it's good or not, but will YOU, non-theater loser normal person? Will you? [Deadline]

Struggling actress Sandra Bullock has signed on to a shadowy project involving her The Proposal director Anne Fletcher. The only information about it is that it's "in the vein of the 1978 Paul Mazursky film An Unmarried Woman and Saturday Night Fever." Hahah, what? What does that even mean? I guess it's about a divorced middle-aged woman re-exploring herself through the magic of disco dance. Though, it's apparently set nowadays. So maybe it's about krumping? Or a divorced woman going on a So You Think You Can Dance type show? Or, I could be wrong to be focusing on the dance aspect of Fever. Maybe it's just about a middle-aged divorced lady who wants to get the hell out of Bay Ridge. Or maybe someone dies on a bridge. Maybe it's a biopic of Donna Pescow? Is Donna Pescow or has she ever been a krump dancer? These are the mysteries of this most mysterious movie. [THR]

Selma Blair and Melanie Lynskey have been cast in the WWI drama Four Angels, about four Flemish nurses who set up an illegal medical station on the front lines. They'll be joined by Rhona Mitra and the very Flemish-looking actress Lorena Rincon. So... this'll probably be something pretty low-budge, maybe in the vein of Charlotte Gray, only instead of Cate Blanchett... Selma Blair. [Variety]

Ha. Aww shucks. World's Greatest Actor Chris Klein has been cast in an episode of the Fox series The Good Guys. You know, that's the one with Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford? You know. That one about the cops. Anyway, Klein will play, shockingly, a dopey guy who gets by on his good looks. Playing against type, eh Klein? I mean, he certainly is good looking and certainly is dopey, but I don't think anyone would say that the real Chris Klein is "getting by." I certainly wouldn't say that. [EW]

Mindy Sterling, who played the Frau Farbissina character in the Austin Powers movies, among other things, has landed a pilot! She and Last Comic Standing judge Natasha Leggero will both appear on FX's Alabama, a comedy from comedy gods Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon about people on a spaceship in the future. The good news is that Garant and Lennon are starring and that Sterling will be a regular and (mean) Leggero is only guest-starring. The bad news: Does this mean the It's Always Sunny guys' similar-sounding project Boldly Going Nowhere is officially dead? Sigh. [Deadline]

Fan(s) of Running Wilde some/anywhere, take warning. A new episode of the Mitch Hurwitz show dipped to a new low last night, 3m viewers, putting it in even more danger of getting the axe. Too bad. Maybe they should just keep the same cast and try something completely new. In other ratings news, ABC's No Ordinary Family and Dancing With the Stars were down from last week, while Detroit 1-8-7 mostly stayed the same. CBS, meanwhile, saw gains, and each other their shows won their time slots. There is just no saying no to the one-two Patriotism Punchâ„¢ of the NCIS assholes, followed by America's unsung hero, Das Gut Wife. So the old people are beating us, guys. We thought we'd Obama'd them into irrelevance, but we simply awoke constantly sleeping giants. Soon Tony from NCIS will be Speaker of the House. [THR]