A New York couple is suing Guinness heiress and fashionista Daphne Guinness for repeatedly flooding their multimillion dollar apartment with her overflowing bathtub. The lawsuit would ban her from taking baths. What is she doing in there?

Eccentric millionaire news! According to the New York Post, the couple living underneath Daphne Guinness' $15 million 5th ave. apartment is suing her for over $1 million in damages. They claim her bathtub has overflowed four times since 2008, and that the repeated deluges left them afraid even to leave the house. Plus, they want an injunction that would ban Guinness from taking baths until ""she completes all remedial measures necessary to ensure that the bathtub will not overflow."

Oh come on, what heiress hasn't accidentally let their bathtub overflow from time to time? You come home after a gala, kick off your gown, have your servant run a bath, only to be caught up in a call from some Saudi prince who wants you to fly down to his private island ASAP. You just go for it. (At least someone remembered to blow out all of her aromatherapy candles.)

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