To handle unredacted names in Wikileaks' Afghan War document release in July, the Pentagon set up a 120-member Information Review Task Force. Now they're worried about Iraqi informants in the big upcoming leak: "Maybe no one's name will be released."

The new set of documents from the Iraq War, which are low-level reports of violent incidents across the country over a span of several years, are said to total some 400,000 pages in all and will be released soon. And the Pentagon is preparing itself in the event that Wikileaks does not redact the names of Iraqis who have worked for, or have had any sort of contact with American forces in the country. "We are prepared to take steps to notify people named in the documents," one Pentagon official told the Wall Street Journal. "There are a lot of names [in the documents]. We can't chase every single person. And we have to see what happens. Maybe no one's name will be released."

We'll soon see how Wikileaks founder Julian Assange goes about his latest noble deed. He's surely got his hands full after losing his spokesman, oh and that pesky rape case that won't go away. Hopefully he's at least had his people take the time to redact the names of Iraqis whose lives and families could be in danger.


[Image via AP]