What's the latest in Bell, California, America's Most Corrupt Town? The eight Bell officials arrested for looting the city's coffers are due in court today. An audit found they were greedier than expected. And they're being chased by a clown!

  • The eight rat bastard elected officials who were arrested last month for paying themselves ridiculously huge salaries and generally funneling public money into their own pockets in various corrupt ways are being arraigned in LA today. Maybe the disabled police chief can jog to court.
  • A new audit of Bell finances reveals that "officials in the scandal-plagued city of Bell took more than $1 million in money earmarked for affordable housing and street repair and used it to give themselves excessive salaries and other generous perks." City officials need affordable housing, too.
  • Edwin Thomas Snell, a 63 year-old political activist who "who attends government meetings around California in a clown suit," has been arrested for menacing Bell's corrupt city clerk. You can't say you didn't see this coming.

[Pic: AP]