Attention Money-Lovers: I Love Money has moved to a new night and a new time slot. Don't miss out on the debauchery! Tune in Wednesday nights at 10PM on VH1 and VH1HD.

The switch was made last week, actually, and those of us who missed it lost out on a chance to witness Chi-Chi's self-inflicted demise. His cat-like athleticism, it seems, fell victim to his equally cat-like attention span, and he failed a challenge in an epic display of stupidity.

But no matter! This week belongs to Garth, a man who can best be compared to a winner of one of those "World's Ugliest Dog" competitions. There is almost nothing likable or attractive about him, yet he is also strangely adorable. Here is a highlight reel of Garth's "best" moments from last night's show:

[There was a video here]

Garth and Feisty are this week's captains, and although they initially conspired to guarantee each other's safety, Garth pulls a last-second betrayal and sends Feisty home. His goal is to secure an alliance with Mindy, who has proven to be a much stronger competitor and also to be — according to Monday's Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now? special — a food fetish calendar girl. But who knows what insidious betrayals are yet to come?