We've reached the season's penultimate episode: Just two nights left to live-blog and to get out your aggression against evil contestant Gretchen. You won't want to waste the precious time left to do both, so join us in the comments!

And what a great hashtag #shutupgretchen has been! No matter how many hundreds of times we've posted it this season, it's never stopped bringing us joy. In fact, I think #shutupgretchen may be the greatest hashtag in the history of hashtags. If there were Nobel Prize for hashtags, this one would probably win it! And everyone can take pride in that—including those of you out there who've never participated in one of these live-blogs before. Because tonight, you can join us for the first time and share in the collective glory!

Here's how: Turn on your TV, tune it to Lifetime, and use the comments section below this post to provide a running commentary on tonight's episode of Project Runway, which starts at 9 p.m. Eastern. The rest of us will be doing the same. The cumulative result will scads of clever badinage and witty japery! To get an idea of just how clever and witty it can be, check out this selection of my favorite comments from our last live blog. Other memorable moments from last week included these:

  • We admired the many "bonus moments" made possible by the show's new 90-minute format—such as Mondo sleeping on a couch, and the designers marveling over their fancy new coffee machine.
  • Commenter ShrutiBoris wondered if Michael C. can only do his great Michael Kors impersonation when wearing "his magic fabric hood"—or, as tipsy_hausfrau dubbed it, his "Cloak of Invisibitchity."
  • When Andy said, "I gave birth to a Chinese prostitute," otterbird predicted that Lifetime will steal that line and make an "original movie" out of it.
  • When April got auf'd, she cried—and a crying April made us all feel sad. In fact, it gave me the sudden urge to rush out and buy her a miniature pony, just to cheer her up.

Hey, speaking of April, her final outfit inspired some great "Kors-style runway putdowns" (KSRPs) from the commenting crew. Here are three of the best of them:

  • katekate is squared: "Aeon Flux meets Vampirella."
  • robina the first: "What Wednesday Addams wore to the prom."
  • eleusiswalks: "The Wicked Witch of the (Upper) West (Side)."

So let's have one last "KSRP contest" this season: Post a comment to vote for your favorite from three choices above, and I'll tally up the results and use next week's live blog post to announce the winner.

You know what's always a winner? Tim Gunn's "home visits" to check up on the designers making their final collections—which we'll see tonight. And this year, since Andy South made the final four, Tim gets to visit Hawaii—although I don't expect we'll see Tim wearing any flowered shirts or board shorts. Here are a few things I do expect that we'll see tonight, though, because I saw them in preview clips:

  • Tim will describe one designer's output as "design diarrhea." Will his home visit provide a much-needed dose of "design Kaopectate?"
  • Apparently, something "personally devastating" happened to Gretchen after she got home. I don't know what it was, but here's my guess: She saw herself on television.
  • Get ready to see Tim Gunn being startled by a Chinese catfish. It will be a memorable moment!

OK, time for all of use to start creating our own memorable moments—in the comments section. I'll see you down there!