A group of protesters stood behind BBC political editor Nick Robinson last night, waving an anti-war sign behind his head. Mad that they ruined his shot, he grabbed their sign, tore it apart, and stomped on it. On camera.

As soon as the BBC's camera stopped rolling, Robinson spun around and engaged in an act of self-described "sign rage." Another protester filmed the kerfuffle, and put that video online.

As the video of him stomping an anti-war sign in front of Westminster Abbey spread across the internet, Nick Robinson did what any modern newsman with rage issues would do: Write a blog post about it. His damage control is pretty good:

I have a confession. After the news was over, I grabbed the sign and ripped it up—apparently you can watch video of my sign rage in full glorious technicolour on the web. I lost my temper and I regret that. However, as I explained afterwards to the protesters who disrupted my broadcast, there are many opportunities to debate whether the troops should be out of Afghanistan without the need to stick a sign on a long pole and wave it in front of a camera.

Nobody likes to be the guy with bunny ears in the class portrait. Anyway, you can read Robinson's full post here, but beware: If you leave an annoying comment, he might show up at your house, grab your computer, and smash it to bits. [via isthatspam]