Fast Company asked online voters to decide on the most influential person online. And after being lobbied via Twitter, Facebook and spam emails they've spoken: Jeremy "Shoemoney" Schoemaker is our king. Surely you know him? Shoemoney? Anyone?

In case you're out of the loop on internet titans, he's the blogger and search engine optimizer who runs He's got 110,000 Twitter followers, 5,000 Facebook friends and a million victims on his email list. And he may have bought some Google ads to drum up his winning 500,000+ votes, nearly a third of the total. Tech writer Danny Sullivan thinks Fast Company's results are "lame" because they ranked a bunch of nobodies — have you heard of number two finisher Shefqet Avdullau? — ahead of actual powerful people like Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google chief Eric Schmidt. But in fairness, Fast Company's "Influence Project" was supposed to be an "experiment" in the power of self promotion. And that experiment discovered that self promotion and power have very little to do with one another. Go figure.