Modest, monkey-flaunting Los Angeles television reporter and former Miss USA Lu Parker is opening up about her longtime, well-known relationship with L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa—who formerly had an affair with another L.A. TV reporter. What's your media theory, Lu?

Lu has this to say to snide media critics who think maybe a TV reporter shouldn't sleep with the mayor of her own city and also have a website like this:

"Times are changing, media is changing," she said. "I just felt it would be a great thing to show the lighter side of Lu Parker, let people get a little insight into my life. Why not put it out there? If I have joy in my heart, or see something that inspires me, why not let people know about it rather than just letting it sit under a rock. I love to inspire people. Journalism is only about a fifth of my life."

The other four fifths of Lu Parker's life: dating the mayor, being Miss USA 1994, acting in Bones, and taking lots and lots of pictures. And then the journalism. L.A. is kind of enjoyably insane, from afar.