West Virginia Rep. Nick Rahall, a Christian of Lebanese descent, has naturally been accused of loving the terrorists all election season. Here's his opponent's latest attack: "Nick Rahall: good for the Middle East, good for Obama — bad for America."

Rahall has represented West Virginia in Congress since 1977, and is probably used to this shit every couple of years. This year, however, he's in a tight race against some punk named "Spike" Maynard, who, along with outside Republican groups, has been running racist Islamophobic crap ads against his Christian opponent who was born in West Virginia. (One ad criticized Rahall for heading up the "Arab-Americans for Obama" group in 2008. What did they plot in this group?)

So what are the claims in this latest ad? Well, the strongest one says that some convicted terrorist donated money to Rahall. Scary! And yet:

The problem with the ad? Democratic Rep. Nick Rahall gave the money away years ago, although the same man gave money to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), which has endorsed Maynard as one of its "Young Guns."

You all remember the Young Guns, yes? Shit-hot, they are. And their sexy ranks are expanding. And they're all terrible.