On last night's edition of Donald Trump Beats People Up Emotionally, the teams had to grapple with sexy models and speaking in front of crowds. There was a particularly epic public-speaking fail - video after the jump.

This week's challenge was to put on a fashion show to lure in potential buyers for Rockport Shoes. The ladies' team was assigned the male shoe line, while the men's team had to put on a show for women's shoes. The ladies decided to go with a "Day in the Life" theme for their show, starring a made-up character named Tristan. Mahsa picked the name because it reminded her of Brad Pitt. Later, Kelly suggests sending the models out in their underwear:


Later the teams meet their models, and Steuart and Anand have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves:

Even the ladies' team got flustered by the influx of sexy men in the room:

The men's team experienced some major tension during the rehearsal of the runway show, since Gene had not done any of his side of the preparation for MC-ing the show:


The women's show went over very well, half-naked men and all, though this isn't very surprising given the number of women in the audience.
(Insert photo titled "Male Models on Catwalk")

Unfortunately, Gene failed miserably as MC. The footage is almost painful to watch, it's so bad:

Donald Trump was so impressed with the women's team that he let them leave the boardroom early. The men were not so lucky, and ultimately Gene and project leader Wade were sent packing.