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"Burlesque" looks like something Christina Aguilera conceived of and wrote for herself when she was like 14.less than a minute ago via web

Jessica Conrad

Does that make Burlesque is comparable to Cross Roads? We're pretty sure that was also Britney Spears' 14-year-old brain child.

Cant wait til Paranormal Activity 3D (yes they will do that) just to hear a character say the line, "I decided to spring for the 3D camera"less than a minute ago via web

Bob Powers

Grown men still can't sleep at night from 2D Paranormal Activity. We can only imagine the psychological damage that would be caused by a 3D version.

Watched "Finding Nemo" with @ninthegrape and her two year old niece. We also carved some pretty killer pumpkins.less than a minute ago via web

Miranda Cosgrove

Okay… That may be the most adorable tweet ever.

Hope there's at least one scene in Hereafter where Matt Damon can't remember why he's so awesomely psychic & then beats up two foreign cops.less than a minute ago via web

Eugene Mirman

We can only hope.

The movie Human Centepide should be the new prank to pull on the first two people who pass out at a party.less than a minute ago via Facebook

Doug Stanhope

Is Doug implying what we think he's implying? Note to self: Never fall asleep at a party. Ever. Again.