Did you know that President Bill Clinton's hero is Hustler publisher Larry Flynt? Well he is! That is, according to Larry Flynt, who says the former president told him so once. In Las Vegas, no less!

How long have you yearned to hear the story of the fateful meeting between these two American giants? Probably a very long time! Luckily for you, Politico's Ben Smith has an excerpt from an oral history (stop, you!) of Bill Clinton's life by Michael Takiff called A Complicated Man. It details the story of an alleged meeting between the two men, as told by Flynt himself:

I ran into him. It was at a fundraiser in Vegas for Jack Carter, Jimmy Carter's son, who was running for a Senate seat in Nevada in 2006. Clinton came in the room and he recognized me - I was about 30 feet away. He walked directly to me, stuck out his hand, shook my hand, and said, "I just want you to know you're my hero."

Possibly, Larry is just remembering a time he listened to "Wind Beneath My Wings." But crazier things have happened!