A woman in France killed her child when she and 11 other members of her family jumped from their third-floor balcony because they thought they saw the devil. There had to be drugs involved in this, right?

The story goes that a woman in a Parisian suburb woke up and saw her naked husband in their bedroom and screamed that he looked like the devil. We've woken up to see a naked man and thought the same thing, but what happened next is just totally unbelievable. The man went into the next room where 11 family members were watching TV, and his sister-in-law, also thinking he was the devil, stabbed him in the hand. The group then pushed him out of the apartment. But when he made his way back inside, everyone fled by jumping off the balcony, a fall which killed a four-month-old who was in his mother's arms at the time she jumped.

Needless to say, the story doesn't make much sense at the moment. Didn't the rest of the people in the house figure out who this guy was, i.e. that he was not, in fact, the devil? We realize everyone can get jumpy (no pun intended) around Halloween, but thinking you saw the devil is something that only happens when you're really high or a member of a wacky cult, right?

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